Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Got Some Leads

I don't like conferences. I'm socially anxious to begin with. So why would I want to surround myself with stuffy people in suits talking about business and the weather. In fact, why would anyone want to surround themselves with stuffy people in suits talking about business and the weather.

The more I think about the above paragraph, the more I wonder why conferences exist at all. Or better yet, why can't conferences be what people want them to be. Why can't for once people convene to talk about business dressed in leotards, and instead of sitting and watching a PowerPoint presentation, some dude breaks out a Slip-n-Side and everyone has at it. That's a conference I'd attend. Especially if the Slip-n-Side was covered in chocolate!

The one good thing about the conference today was that it allowed me to get several freelance leads. When I decided to take the leap of faith into the great void that is the real world, a world free of 9-to-5 boundaries and long commutes, I was worried that paying rent every month was going to be a nearly impossible chore. But thankfully it turns out that working hard and gaining experience, especially experience on a topic that is so niche only a handful of people know how to write about it, is extraordinarily valuable. So it turns out I probably won't be too hard up for work when I exit my current position. Go me!

Anyway, I'm meaning to write more about how to establish one's own freelance business. I'll have to get around to that. If anyone has any questions out there about how to become a successful freelance writer, how to become a journalist, how to write an article, etc., let me know. I like to think I have quite a bit of good insight, and I'm always looking to help others regain their freedom.

Just don't ask me to attend a conference...unless you're bringing your leotard.


Elizabeth McQuern said...

Darn, I thought I left this comment last night. I guess it didn't go through.

My friend Amy has a FANTASTIC writer's blog called Quiet Rebel Writer. She's witty and insightful and hugely informative.


Elizabeth McQuern said...
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