Monday, June 2, 2008

Guatemala Guatemala

Back in high school Spanish, we had to sing a really inane song to help us memorize the capitals of all Latin American countries. I don't really know the importance of knowing all the capitals to all Latin American countries, nor do I quite understand how this was supposed to help me grasp the Spanish language. I mean, how often will I find myself in Mexico pleading to passersby to point me in the direction of Lima, Peru.

But my favorite part of the song was Guatemala. That's because the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. So that part of the song went like so:

Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala

And after you say that word four times in a row, your mouth feels like a rubber band. It's hoola hoops. Have I mentioned I had few friends?

Anywho, I actually went to Guatemala City. We had a six-hour layover on my way to Costa Rica. We left the airport and explore the downtown area. There was a beautiful boulevard full of statutes and monuments commemorating Guatemala this guy:

This dude, who looks like he's having an orgasm in a public square, is Guatemala's first resident to claim the Nobel Prize in literature. Good for him. Other statutes (not pictured) depicted various other important people, whom I would know if I wasn't such an ignorant and self-absorbed American.

It was so early when we were walking around the city that nothing was open, save for those beautiful golden arches that shine like God's glorious thrown. USA USA USA!

You'll notice that their little cups you put ketchup in are significantly smaller than those we have here in the states. That's because Guatemalans don't like ketchup as much as we do. That or maybe Guatemalans don't eat as much food, meaning less ketchup. If you know me and know my love of ketchup, you'll understand why this was a low point in my trip.

More to come on my adventures in far off lands! Here's a taste of the future...MONKEYS!


Lauralee said...

I like your blog, though I am miffed at having to go to yet another site to enjoy the updates from my friends. You asshole. That said, I love you. I am sorry to read of Biscuit's demise, though s/he's a lucky dog, to have lived so long when expected to die young. And did I know you went to Costa Rica!? I don't remember knowing that. And that makes me realize that we're probably due for our monthly. And I don't mean the bloody, nasty kind of monthly, unless things just naturally progress in that direction. Seriously, things are struggly with me right now. Going in for surgery in a couple of weeks. Would love to talk to you before then. You know, in case I die. ;) Just kidding. I'm not going to die, but if it makes you more likely to call me then, I was just kidding about kidding. Things look grave, and I've got one foot in it. You should call. :)

Rachel said...

hey. your pictures don't work.